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Frequently asked questions

What is diversity score?

The diversity score is a free 100-point score determined from the gender and ethnicity breakdown of your company's workforce, pulled from its LinkedIn profile or self-reported employee information, and treated with our machine learning algorithms to determine gender and ethnicity.

How is the diversity score calculated?

Your company's diversity score is calculated using a combination of machine learning models (neural networks, TensorFlow, deep face to name a few) that help us detect how many underrepresented employees you have, including women and people of color. By referencing your company's LinkedIn profile page, we get the count and data we need, then we score you on a scale of 100 (40 for gender balance and 60 for ethnic balance) by comparing your results to the industry and national population distribution. Though we strive for simplicity, the methodology for the diversity score will continue to grow in its sophistication and parameters.

What's included in the diversity score?

Your company's diversity score includes a rating on a 100-point scale that is based on its gender and ethnic balance, as according to McKinsey & Co., these two factors heavily influence the bottom line. The results also show you a demographic breakdown of your organization and show how you compare to the industry median and national average. Since your company will likely continue to grow, your score can be refreshed at any time and will include trending data to help you gauge your performance over time.

Why is this score so valuable?

Your company's diversity breakdown is a big deal! According to McKinsey & Co., companies that are gender-balanced and ethnically diverse are 25% and 36% more likely to outperform competitors in the industry, respectively. Also according to Kauffman Fellows, companies with diverse founding teams were shown to be 65% more valuable than their homogenous counterparts. There is a significant impact to your company's bottom line when you build with diversity in mind. Plus diverse teams are just more fun!

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