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Frequently asked questions

What isDiversity Score Logo?

Diversity Score generates a wholly unique diversity score specific to each company. Treated with our sophisticated machine learning algorithms, information sourced from a company’s LinkedIn profile, a third-party database, and self-reported employee data is compiled and segmented to provide insight into their company’s ethnic and gender breakdown. It also provides industry and national averages for additional context.

How is theDiversity Score Logocalculated?

Using a combination of machine learning models such as neural networks, TensorFlow, and deep face, to name a few, Diversity Score notes how many underrepresented employees make up your workforce, including women and people of color. From there, your score - produced on a scale of 100 - can be used by various members of your team to identify, guide, and address your company’s specific DEI goals.

Why is this score so valuable?

Your company's diversity breakdown is a big deal! According to McKinsey & Co., companies that are gender-balanced and ethnically diverse are 25% and 36% more likely to outperform competitors in the industry, respectively. Also according to Kauffman Fellows, companies with diverse founding teams were shown to be 65% more valuable than their homogenous counterparts. There is a significant impact to your company's bottom line when you build with diversity in mind. Plus diverse teams are just more fun!

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